Tremblay Equine Massage Therapy strives to provide your canine or equine with top quality care and knowledge.

Equine Massage

Our equine friends work hard whether it be competing at a national level, trying to cut seconds off of a barrel run or safely maneuvering around the ring with children. Massage can help prevent injuries and keep our equine's performing at their best.

Canine Massage

They say dogs are a man's best friend. What better way to care for our best friends then massage therapy. Whether recovering from an injury, enhancing performance for an agility trial, or helping a senior friend, massage is there to help.

Pemf therapy

Magnetic therapy has been used in a healing capacity for hundreds of years and the high powered pulsed magnetic therapy has quickly become a popular modality with tremendous results. 


We have all seen the kinesiology taping for human athletes that has demonstrated its successful use in rehabilitation, prevention, and training. We can now see these benefits in the equine athletes as well with the use of Equi-tape.